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April 26th, 2005

01:19 am - In an effort to kickstart this comm..
Two drabbles!

And I shall not cut them. Mwahahaha.

Right. This was to cleanse my brain. RSR gave me this prompt: killing gods. No season.

Teal'c waits, hanging from their chains.

Whistle of sound and a blow lands on his shoulder, then his side, then his back. Pain blossoms.

Then a mistake is made. The opening he's been watching for. He twists, swings, legs wrapping around the neck of the goa'uld who orders his torture. It's not a simple thing to snap the neck of the man suddenly struggling.

Silence falls.

"Your god is dead."

The jaffa fall upon him, fingers and fists, feet and weapons. Brute force meant to shatter him.

In the distance, Teal'c hears the crack of a P-90.

He smiles.


Ryuu gave me this prompt: Um...Teal'c discovers Casablanca? S8.

"This is the beginning of a beautiful friendship."

He wasn't paying attention to the man on the other side of the fire, Daniel decided. Really. Even if he was talking to himself.

"--don't matter to a hill of beans."

Daniel shifted and glanced across the campfire. "Teal'c?"

The jaffa replied, "Daniel Jackson."

"What are you doing?"

"I am quoting lines from a movie Colonel Carter and I watched."

"Oh." Daniel considered this. "Why?"

"To amuse myself."

Daniel considered this further, then nodded. "Okay." He settled back down to finish his notes. Teal'c continued to quote to himself.

"Two crazy kids..."
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