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October 1st, 2005

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08:53 am - Three Teal'c fics
Hi all. I'm not much of a drabble writer, but I've been told that I can post my fics here. Maybe we can start a Teal'c comm that is a sister comm to this one? Where we can post longer fics? Just an idea :) There's just no where online to find Teal'c fic! We have to stop that!

Anyway, three links to three different gen fics I've written. None are new, so maybe some of you have seen them before.

Unto You This Night is part of a series where Daniel regains his memories in Season 7. This piece is about his friendship with Teal'c. Teal'c's pov.

In the Span of a Heartbeat is about Teal'c's reflections as he decides to commit the act that could end his friendship with Daniel. Teal'c Pov for Forever in a Day.

Divided Loyalties is a missing scene from "Origin." Takes place after the Jack/Daniel scene and before the Mitchell/Jack scene. Teal'c pov and also has Teal'c/Jack friendship. Summary: Teal'c reflects on his time with the SGC as memories, doubts, and insecurities haunt him, compounding his struggle to understand where his true loyalty should lie: to the Tau'ri or the Jaffa.

You've got some cute drabbles here. Thanks!
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